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The company's clinical experts have carried out a long-term and large number of research on minimally invasive treatment of urinary calculi, summarized the technical problems and defects of medical equipment in the international minimally invasive lithotomy, and developed a set of innovative technology and equipment combined with the characteristics of interdisciplinary specialties of the University, relying on the major special project "joint research on clinical technology and instruments" of Jiangxi Province's Ministry of science and technology“ The system has passed the review of the State Administration of drug administration and agreed to enter the "special approval procedure for innovative medical devices". In response to the call, YiWeiTe company is determined to continue to develop and research, make the company have independent intellectual property rights, create international high-quality medical equipment products, improve clinical technology, provide high-quality service for the treatment of every stone patient, and contribute to the realization of the healthy and well-off life of the whole people in China.



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In the future, YiWeiTe technology will continue to invest in research and development in the field of Urology

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